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What is Data Cabling?

Data Cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements known as subsystems.

  • Entrance Facilities is where the building interfaces with the outside world.
  • Equipment Rooms host equipment which serves the users inside the building.
  • Telecommunications Rooms are where various telecommunications and data equipment resides, connecting the backbone and horizontal cabling sub-systems.
  • Backbone Cabling carries the signals between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunications rooms
  • Horizontal Cabling is the wiring from telecommunications rooms to the individual outlets on the floor
  • Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system
The design and installation of Network Cabling is controlled by a specific set of Standards which cover the wiring of data centers and offices for data or voice communications typically using Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and Cat 7a and modular sockets.

These standards detail the laying of cables in various arrangements, usually emanating from a central 19 inch rack mounted Patch Panel, from where it can be determined exactly how these connections will be used. Each outlet is then patched into a network switch, which is normally also rack-mounted, for network use or into an IP (internet Protocol) or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system which makes the connection a voice port.

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